We have had quite a few underwater photogrammetry projects. We are thrilled to be able to share some of the results on our sketchfab.

The models we have recently published are ship and aircraft wrecks in Malta and The Federated States of Micronesia.

Maltas strategic location means it had a huge amount of history and the water around her coast is no different. In recent history, Malta was of huge importance in both world wars and remains covered in wartime scars and debris. The first wreck we can share is of French liner SS Polynesien that was torpedoed towards the end of World War.


In more modern years, Malta has invested a lot of money in deliberately scuttling ships for the purpose of diver attractions. In 1992 a tug was laid to rest beneath the waves off the northern tip of Malta in Ċirkewwa. Her name, MV Rozi.


Our final Maltese model is not of one, but 3 wrecks. MV Xlendi, MV Karwella & MV Cominoland were scuttled in a line off the shores of Gozo.


Moving on from Malta, nearly half way around the globe is an island state called The Federated States of Micronesia. FSM includes many islands and atolls, one of which is called Chuuk. Chuuks location and protective outer reef made it an ideal location for the Imperial Japanese Navy to setup a major base during World War 2. In February 1944, United States Task Force 58 mounted a 2 day aerial attack on the tiny atoll sinking around 40 ships and downing around 250 aircraft.

3dMB joined forces with Pete Mesleys Lust4Rust to start an ongoing project, The Truk Wreck Baseline Project. The aim of the project is to catalogue the “Ghost Fleet” in 3d digital format so they remain for ever more. The project is ongoing and intends to continue cataloguing the wrecks so it is possible to see degradation.

The first wreck is that of Destroyer Oite. She departed Chuuk 2 days prior to the US attack for Japan. Oite and the ship she was escorting came under attack. Oite returned to Chuuk arriving just as the main attack was in progress.


Another warship wreck on the bottom of the lagoon is submarine I-169.


Military aircraft played a huge role at Chuuk with 7 airfields and seaplane bases. The vase majority of Etten Island was levelled to create an airbase. So far I can share 2 aircraft wrecks, one from each end of the Etten runway. First is a Nakajima B6N “Jill” which lays at a depth fo around 35m on a silty bottom.


At the far end of the runway in around 18m water, lays a Mitsubishi G4M3 Navy Type 1 “Betty” Bomber. The cockpit has been smashed to one side and the 2 engines separated from the fuselage and can be found further along the reef.


The largest casualty in tonnage was merchant shipping with over 30 ships sunk. These wrecks vary in depth, some breaking the surface, some laying in nearly 70m water the rest at every depth in between. Amagisan Maru lays at around 45 degrees to port at around 55m depth.


Nippo Maru hás much to offer with trucks, tanks and field artillery, an easily accessible very picturesque engine room and helm in the bridge.


The final model we can share is of everyones favourite, known as the “million dollar wreck” the San Francisco Maru. With her holds full of cargo, tanks on the deck, fore and aft deck guns and a lovely engine room it is easy to see why she is so many peoples favourite.


These models have all been put together here on our Sketchfab page.

We cannot wait to be able to share more of the existing yet unpublished models and future models.