Our Services


Specialising in both planned and ad’hoc shots in upto 5.2k resolution. For planned shots we can use Litchi to not only plan shots but have them absolutely repeatable.


Whether you are looking for Wall Art, Keepsakes, Documenting an event or advertising and marketing – with a vast array of cameras and lenses we have the correct equipment for every occasion.

Photogrammetry & Mapping

A truly specialist subject of ours. Starting with 2d photographs we can create 3d point clouds, meshes and textured models. This data can then be processed into very highly detailed and accurate gigapixel orthomosaics and Digital Elevation & Digital Terrain Models. DEMs and DTMs are able to be used to calculate ground water run off, volume calculations, contour line creation and many other Geographic Information System (GIS) applications.

As we have our own professional software licenses and in-house processing hardware, we don’t have to pay for third party processing so can pass on these savings to clients.

360 Photographs & Tours

A fantastic way of showing a point of interest – whether be a single point or numerous. 360 photographs can be easily viewed smart phones, tablets, computers & virtual reality systems. Turned into a tour, this is a great way to show business premises and events to clients. A 360 tour of your house would show potential buyers the complete picture.

Visual Surveys

Viewing hard to reach places has never been easier and safer. The first rule of working at height is to avoid where possible. Why spend time and money on scaffolding, or put someone at risk climbing a ladder to look at a roof when you could have a very detailed photographic survey from a drone?

Underwater Services

In addition to using drones, our team are UK qualified HSE commercial divers. For 5 years straight we have had placings in the Underwater Photographer or the Year for both photography and photogrammetry. We are able to use both open circuit SCUBA gear and Close Circuit Rebreathers (CCR) to depths of 100m.