What we require from you

We require the location of the shoot with exact postcode, OSGB36 Grid Reference or WGS84 coordinates. Approximate date and time of shoot. As much information as possible relating to the requirements for your shoot.

Once we have this information we can carry out an initial assessment relating to any airspace restrictions, bylaws and restrictions that may be in place.

A pre-flight survey must be completed prior to flight operations, on some occasions this can be done on the day however depending on the site it may be required before the shoot day.

Legal requirements

The Air Navigation Order 2016 is the UK law for all flight. ANO2016 contains a number of articles that drone operations must comply to:

  • Article 94 – small unmanned aircraft: requirements
  • Article 94A – small unmanned aircraft: permissions for certain flights
  • Article 94B – small unmanned aircraft: interpretations of expressions used in the definition “flight restriction zone”
  • Article 95 – small unmanned surveillance aircraft
  • Article 241 – endangering safety of any person or property

Full information on the above articles is available here:

Conditions within our PfCO state:

  • 3dMB Ltd may carry out operations over or within 150m of any congested area
  • 3dMB Ltd may not carry out operations:
    • Beyond visual line of sight between operator and aircraft or 500m distance
    • At an altitude greater than 400 feet above ground level
    • Over or within 150m of an organised gathering of 1000 people or more
    • Within 50m of any person, vessel, vehicle or structure that is not under our control

Copyright & Intellectual Property Rights Notice

We reserve all rights to all data captured. Our clients are allowed to use all data captured under license for print, marketing & promotion, social media and website use. Clients are not allowed to pass data on or sell data to third parties without prior agreement.

We reserve the right to use captured data on occasion for our own PR & marketing purposes however we guarantee a strict embargo on use until after the client has published the material.