This weeks image is a favourite from a shoot we did this week. With a very early start we boarded Seeker and headed out to sea. The flagship of the In Deep fleet, Seeker leads the way out to sea with Panther and Eclipse following in tight formation.

Both our DJI Phantom 4 pro v2.0 & DJI Inspire 2 were used on the shoot, this image was captured with the Phantom. The image was captured by flying at around 8′ above the water at 15kts and around 4m in front of Seeker’s bow. Conditions were perfect, the water was so calm, the surface had an almost oily appearance.

Due to the location of the shoot – inside Plymouth Sound & in aerial danger areas D009 & D009A – permission was required and granted by MoD Plymouth & Longroom Port Control for the flights ops.

As well as still images, we captured video at 16:9 4k in ProRes 422HQ with the Inspire 2 and zenmuse x5s camera. The intelligent features of the Inspire 2 Truk;y great and mean a single operator can do a lot of what a 2-person team (pilot + camera operator) would have to do on other drone platforms. Although the video footage was captured for a very specific purpose, we also managed to put a short film together which hopefully shows the fun morning had under a beautiful sunrise – and here it is!