This week we return to lockdown – or at least with the image that is. While the country was in lockdown and local businesses closed, we helped our friends at Vobster Quay keep an eye on the place.

This image is another vertorama (vertical panorama) and created from 3 landscape images stitched together. The base images were captured with our DJI Inspire 2 & zenmuse x5s with15mm MFT lens, then stitched in Adobe Lightroom.

As well as assisting Vobster Quay with aerial images when required, it is also a great proving ground for developing skills and new techniques in underwater photogrammetry. 3dMB’s Marcus has been part of a non-commercial team whose aim has been to see how far consumer photogrammetry technology can be pushed by attempting to model the entire quarry – both above and below the water level. The Vobster Photogrammetry Project has a great following on Facebook and in 2019 managed to complete a 39k image model incorporating above & below water and all of the dive attractions.

With the technology at hand at the time, we feel this is as far the project could be pushed, 2020 however has brought a load on an underwater GPS system from Finish company UWIS which is hoped to add underwater geolocation for every image captured.