This week we had a job performing a fly over of some agricultural land near us, while on site we came across this little gem of industrial decay, a wind powered water pump.

By its appearance I think it safe to say that the pump hasn’t been operational for many years, however it was such an exciting find as these days ‘the norm’ seems to be to tear down and scrap redundant or defunct equipment.

The day was spent using our DJI Inspire 2 & zenmuse x5s combo with our favourite DJI 15mm MFT lens flying pre-planned flight paths to show a 205 acre area. We were able to plan the flights in the office using Litchi Hub, have them approved by the client before even stepping foot onsite. Onsite we were able to perform a quick site survey to ensure the planned routes were safe, then let Litchi control the flight. Using Litchi means we are able to repeat flight paths – if required – but can also dissect a flight path into smaller chunks to keep within the 500m/VLOS laws, then splice the chunks together in post production software to create almost seamless, long camera runs.