This time last year we were due to witness Donald Campbell’s K7 returning to Coniston water.

Donald Campbell was tragically killed on 4th January 1967 when K7 flipped at 328mph, attempting a new water speed record on Coniston Water. K7 was recovered by volunteer divers and commercial divers including Ian Taylor now of Apex Dive & Marine in 2000/2001. Since recovery, The Bluebird Project have painstakingly rebuilt K7 to test condition. In 2018 the rebuilt K7 was transported to Loch Fad on the Isle of Bute to be re-floated and tests carried out. These tests saw K7 reaching speeds averaging 120-130mph.

Plans were made for K7 to return to Coniston Water in 2019 but unfortunately this was delayed. As accommodation had already been booked, we decided a mid-summer trip to the lakes would still be too good to miss – K7 or not.

While at Coniston Water we decided to try to represent the speed Donald Campbell achieved along are lake. We used our DJI Inspire 1v2 with zenmuse x3 camera to achieve a good base speed of 45mph, then sped up the footage with Final Cut Pro X. Here is our video, it is the same clip played over and over at different speeds.


Actual footage of Campbell’s fatal 1967 crash (not ours) linked from YouTube.