Did you know that 3dMB are also able to perform photogrammetry underwater?

Thats right, in addition to using remotely piloted aircraft, 3dMB are also able to carry out underwater operations. We are qualified HSE commercial divers able to use both open circuit scuba and closed circuit rebreathers.

A project Marcus has been involved in is scanning the “Ghost Fleet” of Truk Lagoon. The project is the brain child of Pete Mesley of Lust4Rust . The project intention is to:

a) Scan all the wrecks that lay on the bottom of the lagoon to create a baseline of their condition

b) Repeat the scans over time to compare the degradation

In addition to preserving the wrecks digitally for evermore, the project can assist experts to judge how long these wrecks have before their structure fails and they leak huge amounts of oil into the local ecosystem.

The project started in November 2019 when the team scanned:

San Francisco Maru 117m long at 62m depth

Nippo Maru 107m long at 50m depth

Rio de Janeiro Maru 140m long at 33m depth

Amagisan Maru 136m long at 55m depth

Hoki Maru 136m long at 50m depth

Aikoku Maru 117m long (wreck is shorter) at 65m depth

IJN Oite 102m long (split in 2) at 62m depth

Gosei Mari 82m long at 37m depth

IJN I-169 102m at 43m depth

Mitsubishi G4M3 “Betty” bomber aircraft at 12m

Nakajima C6N “Myrt” reconnaissance aircraft at 10m

Nakajima B6N “Jill” torpedo aircraft at 35m depth

COVID has unfortunately put the project field work on hold however the processing continues. Here is a short trailer for the project.

The project models are available to view here

You can also follow the projects Facebook page here