3dMB specialise in aerial surveying by photogrammetry, drone photography & videography. Based in Swindon we are able to cover Wiltshire and the South West. All of our remote pilots are commercially endorsed by the CAA with an Operational Authorisation.


Positioning the camera in the third dimension adds perspective not possible at ground level. Whether you are looking for artistic or documentary photography, we do both. Our aim is to inspire the viewer and tell the underlying story.


Going beyond stills photography, video offers the full story to be told. At one end of the spectrum, our cameras offer 4k video at high frame rates to ensure smooth footage and slow motion, at the other end the cameras can be slowed down for timelapse and hyperlapse footage.


With the ability to create a fully immersive, extremely accurate 3d model of an object or area, Photogrammetry is the future for data capture. Point clouds, meshes & textures can be exported in all major 3d file formats along with hugely accurate georeferenced orthomosaics and Digital Elevation Models (DEM) providing accurate surveys.

Why use drones?

Drones, Small Unmanned Aircraft or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - call them what you will are changing the world. Modern technology allows you the ability to place a camera in the air in a cheap, safe manner in a way expensive helicopters would have needed to be used in the past. The first rule of working at height is to avoid where possible, instead of having someone climb a ladder or install scaffolding to view a roof, why not send a drone up? The birds eye view mixed with photogrammetry means very accurate surveys or an area can be completed in a matter of hours instead of days with a tape measure. Drone technology allows for a safer, more efficient solution to a vast spectrum of applications.

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