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Marcus Blatchford of 3dMB Ltd specialises in 3d digital modelling and mapping of sites on land and in the water, and rigging for the TV & Film industries.

With over 14 years of diving, 6 years operating drones and 18 years rigging, Marcus has the experience as well as the knowledge.

Marcus is a HSE qualified rebreather diver, National Rigging Certificate qualified rigger and CAA accredited drone operator.

Underwater Digital Modelling & Mapping

Starting in 2017, Marcus has spent many hours underwater learning and honing the skills required to create 3d digital copies of objects, artefacts and areas found submerged in our lakes and oceans. Using the photogrammetry process, Marcus has created digital 3d copies of underwater sites around UK waters, Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Marcus’ experience has lead him to be a pivotal member of a number of ongoing underwater photogrammetry projects as well as teaching photogrammetry to over 200 people.

HSE Professional SCUBA (part 4)

HSE First Aid at Work

Rebreather Diver & owner- JJ-CCR & AP Inspiration

Full Face Mask owner – Kirby Morgan M48

CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Diver

Open Circuit Recreational Trimix

Example 3d Models

Aerial 3D Digital Modelling & Mapping

Learning the trade underwater, the transition to terrestrial photogrammetry came very easily. Using drones and survey grade georeferencing we produce accurate, precise digital reconstructions.

3dMB have an Operation Authorisation from the CAA and our operators have GVC & A2CofC certification. 3dMB have fully comprehensive commercial drone insurance.

Example 3d Models


Starting out as local site crew at Glastonbury Festival, Marcus moved onto building stages for temporary events progressing forward  designing rigging and running crews for high budget feature films. Competent with 3d AutoCAD, Marcus has played a key role in:

Designing and installing the lighting grids at BT Sports Studios, Stratford

Designing and installing a semi-permanent 1000m suspended catwalk and rigging system in Cardington Studios, Bedfordshire

Leading a crew erecting a bespoke semi-permanent structure to support the GoodYear blimps at the GoodYear Blimp base in Carson, California

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